Peter Hugosson-Miller
curriculum vitae

An experienced software developer who loves working with Objects,
using them to deliver the best software in the shortest time with the highest quality.
An Object Guru who is always eager to spread the word.


Recent experience

Senior software analyst
Distribution logistics
Designer and implementer of application for storage & distribution logistics demand-prediction and optimization system. Code in Smalltalk using IBM VisualAge against Oracle database using TopLink persistency layer.
Builder of productivity-increasing tools in Smalltalk.
ENVY master and lord of the base image
Tutor in Smalltalk and mentor in Smalltalk and VisualAge.

Senior software engineer/Increment leader
Retail banking
Designer and implementer of a major component of a retail banking application. Code in Smalltalk using IBM VisualAge against DB2 database using Sparky, a persistency framework from IBM.
Complete development lifecycle from requirements capture to code.
Meetings with customers/end users to capture requirements

Current & previous employment

Industri-Matematik International June 1997 -
Senior Software Developer in the Vivaldi Replenishment Manager team.
Responsibile for design, implementation, test and documentation of the framework and application components.
Tutor in Smalltalk, mentor for Smalltalk, VisualAge and OO design.
"Final Instance" or "Guru" for design decisions, in cases of conflict or impasse.
ENVY Master ("Lord of the base image"), responsible for packaging, configuration maps and patching VA base code.

Spadab (now known as Swedbank's computer centre) September 1995 -
June 1997
The start of my Smalltalk career, after a 5-week residential course at IBM's OTU in Belgium.
Trained under an IBM consultancy team, on a proof-of-concept project "Visual Banker".
Responsible for a household budgeting component with connection to a legacy dll for Swedish Income Tax calculations.

November 1988 -
September 1995
Senior Software Engineer and Assembler Expert.
Responsible for performance enhancements to a salary payment system written in IBM/390 Assembler.
High transaction volumes - over 300 transactions/second - were processed by the system. Before I became involved, the rate was closer to 40 transactions/second.

Millisoft November 1985 -
November 1988
Managing Director and Chief Shareholder in a software consultancy firm.
Specialised in embedded systems for mobile telephony, written in various flavours of assembler.
Millisoft was involved in producing the first truly pocket-sized mobile cellular telephone.
Our clients included:
  • Comvik AB (later Comviq AB)
  • Comvik International AB (Sweden)
  • Chinatel Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Sheraton Hotel (Hong Kong)
  • Toyocom Limited (Japan)

Technotrend (later Technophone) January 1983 -
November 1985
Software Engineer.
Developed embedded software for Comvik's car telephone.
Innovations included melody ring signals, text entry from numeric keypad, roaming/handover in a cellular system.
Designed electronic subsystem for DPSK encoding (for which I also hold a patent).

Solartron Schlumberger July 1980 -
December 1982
Student Engineer.
Worked during the vacations at university as an electronics apprentice engineer. Some contact with computers, coding in BASIC on VAX/VMS, and assembler on 6502 microprocessor.

Technology familiarity

Programming languages
& tools
Smalltalk (IBM, VisualWorks, Squeak, SmalltalkX, SmallScript (now known as S#, or Smalltalk.NET), Dolphin), VisualAge for Smalltalk, Java, VisualAge for Java, C++, C, Pascal, COBOL, Rexx, JCL, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, UNIX shells and tools, various assembler codes (17 at last count).

Database systems DB2, Oracle

Operating systems Linux, OS/2, Windows NT/2000/XP/98/95/3.x, MS-DOS, VMS, MVS, OS/390.

Development &
design methods
Rational Rose, OOSE/Objectory, UML


International Education Center
La Hulpe, Belgium
August 22 -
September 21
Object Technology University, School 1 - Smalltalk track.
Intensive residential course, including a complete project life cycle - analysis, design, implementation, test and delivery.
Team leader of the "Cyber Pizza" development team, which was awarded highest marks for project quality.

University of Reading 1981-1982 Studied at the Deptartment of Computer Science/Cybernetics.
Left before graduation because of irresistable job offer (Technotrend).

Sussex University 1980-1981 Studied at the Deptartment of Engineering/Computer Science.
Left before graduation because of disatisfaction with the syllabus.

Salesian College
Farnborough, UK
1973-1980 'A' - levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics.

'O' - levels in Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,
Statistics, Latin, French, English Language, English Literature, Religion.

Personal & general

Full name Anthony Peter Colum Hugosson-Miller

Date of birth 5 June 1962

Nationality Swedish (national insurance number 620605-2398)

Address & contact information Strandängsvägen 13
186 50 Vallentuna

Home telephone number: +46 (0)8 511 793 38
Mobile telephone number: +46 (0)708 79 77 53

Industry Representation Member of STIC (Smalltalk Industry Council)

Professional qualifications None, as yet, but I'm working on my KSB (Knight of the square bracket, [|])

Languages Fluent Swedish (slight British accent).
Once fluent English (mother tongue).
Effective reading knowledge of French.
Limited knowledge of Latin and German.

Leisure interests My family (wife Fiona and 2-year old daughter Arcadia)
Music (favorite composers: Brahms, Bach, Beethoven).
Walking, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing & skating.
General and scientific reading.
Cryptology and encryption algorithms.
Hacking my home Linux PC (Debian).
SCUBA-Diving (Master Scuba Diver).
Skydiving (no longer active).


Erik Trapper A satisfied customer of the Vivaldi Replenishment Manager product, also our contact person at Hakon.

Nils Jönsson Former team leader of the Vivaldi Replenishment Manager team at Industri-Matematik International.

Christopher Webster Former consultant with IBM's Object Technology Project (involved with Visual Banker at Spadab).
Currently team leader of the Vivaldi Replenishment Manager team at Industri-Matematik International.