Bookmarks for Peter Hugosson-Miller

This is basically my bookmarks file, edited a little bit

If the links don't work, its because they're just too old. Tell me if you want to.

Computer Stuff

Site registration

STPT: New Site Submission Form
Add Your Site to Lycos
AltaVista Search: Adding a URL
!Register-It! - Web Site Promotion Just Got Easier


The International PGP Home Page
Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. Home Page
PGP Public Key Directory
Pretty Good Privacy (UK)
Encryption Policy Resource Page
AT&T PathServer
PGP links
Chris Vidler's Cryptography Page
Phil Karn, KA9Q
BAL's PGP Public Key Server
Jeff Schiller's Home Page
export-a-crypto-system sig
ITAR Civil Disobedience
Zigbert User's Guide


ZyXEL Communications - ISDN Modems Terminal Adapters and Routers
The List | Search | Country Code = 46
NetGuide Scandinavia

Search Engines

Welcome To Starting Point(TM)
AltaVista Search: Main Page
Four11 Directory Services

OS/2 Stuff

The OS/2 Supersite
"Must-Have" Utilities and FTP Links
Best of OS/2 Home Page
BMT Micro Inc.
Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp Unofficial Home Page
The OS/2 Internet Apps Page
Norloff's OS/2 Shareware BBS & Web
Shareware Junkies - OS/2
Chauvet & Company's Warp City Web Site
Madbrain's homepage
EDM/2 - The Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2
LEO - OS/2 Archive
"The Best" OS/2 Links & News
HomePage Publisher - Overview
TooSoft hemsida
AB International Enterprises, Inc. (ABIE)
IBM Software Choice - Catalog
OS/2 Warp FixPack and Fixes Directory
OS/2 Information Center - Welcome!
Master OS/2 Warp Update List
Keith Medcalf & Associates
SUNET - Swedish University Network's FTP-archive

Linux Stuff

Red Hat Software
How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site: Examples from Chapter 9
Linux Online - The Linux Home Page
Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal Operating System
Björns linuxpage
Debian GNU/Linux CD-ROM
Linux Systems Labs Debian GNU/Linux
FreeBSD Inc.
NCSA HTTPd Tutorials

Ray Tracing

The Official web site for POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Raytracing Resource Listing

Smalltalk /OO

Welcome to STIC
STIC Conference - Login
Smalltalk Overview - Smalltalk development systems
eXept Software AG
Smalltalk Systems (StS)
StS Product Download Area
Object Arts Home Page
Totally Objects - Go Smalltalk!
Unity Software Systems Home Page
IBM: VisualAge for Smalltalk: A Powerful New Vision of Programming
Python Language Home Page
The Geek Boutique


IBM VisualAge for Java
by Date
by Subject
by Author
by Category
All By Date
What's New in JavaScript 1.2
WorkPlace in Action Home


Bill's Columns
Join the Fight Against Spam!
Download Windows NT Service Pack !
Hate Internet Explorer Foundation
BugNet Home Page
Erik's World
Perl for Windoze

Other Computer links

Tripod's Homepager: Housekeeper
sixdegrees - Contact Manager
Alexander Spiteri 's Home - HTML For Beginners
NetGuide Scandinavia
IBM Internet Connection
Welcome to TUCOWS
Pearls of Wisdom
Har's Wav World
JavaScript Problems I've Reported

Doom Stuff

Kevin Kerfoot's Doom Page
DOOM World...
Steve Kemp's DOOM Page
Mr. DooM's Web Page
Stymie's Doom Links


The Dilbert Zone
The Geek Zone
The Doctor Fun Page
Heller's Home page

Other Links

Testa vår boendekostnadskalkyl
The Times